Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pause... then freak out!

I've back in the car, finally heading north--My vague goal this summer is this:



and of course:
hike, touch lakes, dance, play frisbee, put myself in places I've never seen.

I pledge to squeeze out every drop of sunshine. I will bathe in spontaneity. I will NOT, however, be mauled by a grizzly. That's pretty much my one rule. Thanks.

So far so good. I lingered in the Tahoe area long enough to do some camping, touch a few lakes (including Pyramid, a remarkable spot north of Reno), and feel satisfied. Lured by, of all things, a flier on facebook, I figured it was my destiny to get down to Paso Robles and surprise the pee out of Jenna and Adam. Mission accomplished (sans urination). Jenna enjoyed a mild seizure upon seeing me, and we proceeded to wine the night away. What else would you do in Paso Robles?


People, people. So many people! After Paso, the Bay area was calling to me. I wanted a taste of familiarity before delving into the unknown, and I had a marvelous time. But damn, the multitudes. I'm still baffled by how to meet people in a city. Coming from the sexy little microcosm of Stanford Sierra Camp, where I know everyone, and every face is familiar--the clusterfluff of people in the Bay is mind-boggling. Taking the mindset of camp into "the real world" is always a fascinating experience, and usually works out splendidly. However, my deep-seated desire to know everyone is potentially disastrous in the city, and threatens to leave me feeling detached and alone. One at a time... one at a time. That's the mantra necessary to stay sane in an environment where people can quickly become jaded and withdrawn.

I'd rather not do that.

Back on the road! Couchsurfing tonight in Ashland, Oregon, and then it's off to Portland.